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There is a new Administration—it might be prudent to go solar now.


The Trump Administration and the Republican Congress have made promises to roll back alternative energy to favor traditional energy sources, especially coal. It is not a stretch to assume that not much will happen, but the Investment Tax Credit, and some manufacturing incentives, could fall victim to the sooty breeze presently blowing through the corridors of Congress.


Expect major changes in the national energy policy, and expect them to come fast.

Here are some things to consider, now that we have one party controlling both houses of Congress and the White House:

1. The general mood both in the White House and in Congress favors immediate and decisive action. As the Administration has promised support for traditional energy, especially coal, political and financial support for alternative energy will naturally weaken.

2. Congress will be looking to offset the cost of potential infrastructure projects, which are envisioned as an important source of new jobs by the Trump Administration. The Investment Tax Credit, which pays 30% of the cost of installing residential solar energy systems, could be cut, and the money put towards other programs.

3. The Republican Party is in a regressive phase. Coal and steel is in. New technologies like solar and other alternative industries are disparaged and belittled. At a minimum this could see the loss of political support, which could have a chilling effect on alternative energy technology and production development.

The bottom line: change could come in a variety of forms, and very soon. With the rate increases coming from PG&E and presumably other utilities, homeowners and business owners could be caught in a situation where national energy policy will limit their choices and impact their bottom line directly.

This Administration is making omelets. It is not worried about breaking a few eggs.



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