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Are you STILL wondering whether you should switch your houseto solar power in 2017?


People's energy bills have gone up enough to garner media attention. Picture from a story on KCBS Sacramento, about winter heating bills going through the roof.

Even before PG&E unveils its new rate schedule on March 1, it is worthy of note that household rates has gone up by 21% since early 2015. That's inflation almost an order of magnitude higher than anything else in this country.

As Bay Area electricity rates are getting closer to Hawaii's infamously high rates, there is at least anecdotal evidence that the phones are starting to ring in the solar sales offices around the region. With many homeowners now looking at solar energy costing less than 25% of its gas-generated alternative, the PG&e habit, which has been sufficiently easy to maintain for decades, has become less so.

The full article is at the San Francisco Business Times.

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